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BGO Web Site Design Services

We can build a stunning web site for your business that is beautiful, functional and easy to navigate on any platform and mobile device. We ensure that all components of your website work together seamlessly and information is displayed appropriately. All web sites design packages include the following elements:

Custom WordPress

A website is the most important online marketing tool a business can have.  A well designed site should look professional, be easy to navigate and should display contact information clearly.  BGO Creative Services will build your site into a custom WordPress theme, developed specifically to showcase your vision and products.

100% Ownership

We believe a business should have as much control over their website as they want or can have. After services have been rendered and payment is complete, we give you 100% ownership of your website so you can update pictures and content. BGO Creative Services is always available to assist you with this process.

Easy To Update

Websites are a living, breathing thing – you’re always creating, evolving and modifying your business. BGO Creative Services will give you the resources and tools to make updates and changes to your website quickly and easily.  But of course, we are always here to assist you when needed.


When it comes to user experience, Google’s research experiments show that faster site speed leads to happier users, increased productivity, and more time users spend browsing. BGO Creative Services knows how to optimize your site to load fast on all platforms because we know the speed of your site has a greater impact on user satisfaction than extra “bells and whistles”. It doesn’t matter how great a site looks: if it loads too slowly, users will click away.


Responsive web design is creating dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation.  BGO Creative Services uses smart content prioritization to help users find information on your website efficiently. We simultaneously focus on design and performance in order to support users across all devices.

Easy To Add Pages

BGO Creative Services will build a stunning website for you that will help attract your audience, strengthen your brand, and promote your company. So as your business grows, your website will need to grow as well. Your custom WordPress site allows us to add pages to your website easily so you don’t need to worry about ever rebuilding.